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I am a Staff software engineer working within the sphere of people, tech and processes. Quick feedback, iterations and failing fast are core tenets and of a high value for me. I aim to be a force multiplier.

People. I find pleasure in enabling teams and individuals in their daily work by improving psychological safety, mentoring and sharing knowledge.

Tech. I have a strong background in backend product development, software architecture, service-oriented architecture, DevOps, site reliability engineering and platform engineering. Some of my tech insights and learnings can be found here.

Processes. A good process is one that solves a problem while minimizing waste. I strive for individuals and interactions over processes and tools (The Agile Manifesto), and automation over manual work.

I hold a MSc in Engineering Mathematics from Lund Institute of Technology (LTH), Sweden.

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Finally, opinions expressed on this website are solely my own and do not necessarily express the views or opinions of my employer.