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  1. A follow-up on CouchDB as event store

    Tis 25 Mars 2014

    A different implementation fo CouchDB event store.

  2. Bootstrapping: CouchDB as event store

    Mån 02 September 2013

    Bootstrapping a project that uses event sourcing? Have a look at CouchDB.

  3. CQRS+Event Sourcing Messaging Patterns

    Sön 26 Maj 2013

    Designing a decoupled, message based, system based on the CQRS pattern together with event sourcing require some thought. Since I've been thinking about it for a while now, I thought I'd share some thoughts so far.

  4. CQRS - Time to Rewind

    Sön 19 Maj 2013

    For the last year I've been thinking a lot about CQRS [1], Event Sourcing and distributed architecture using ZeroMQ. I first stumbled across the concept of CQRS through the mailing list for a nerd meetup in Helsingborg, Sweden. This led me to a lot of CQRS reading and videos ...