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Posted Mån 17 Juni 2013

Privacy and Logging

Privacy seem to be a popular discussion these days. While I do think it's a very very important topic to discuss, I sometimes feel there's not enough people who stand up and argue for cases when there's a reason to store data.

Let me give you an example; Log data. I'm sure many computer users find it scary with logs. Sometimes I do too. Especially if logs are stored for eternity and data mined. Worse so, if they are aggregated from many sources on the web. But the truth is, logs are great for many reasons:

Without logs, the Internet would be a much less stable and secure place to be in.

While logs can be used for evil, they can also be used for good. I just simply want to point out that the coin has two sides. Sometimes talking about how information is used is more important than what it can be used for.

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