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  1. How to (partially) declassify NSA documents

    Lör 27 December 2014

    The day before Christmas Eve, the (American) NSA published a bunch of declassified reports that have been handed to the President's Intelligence Oversight Board (IOD) for the past 10 years or so. I quickly scrolled through a couple of documents to find a lot of heavily redacted text:

    Redacted text.

    The ...

  2. A follow-up on CouchDB as event store

    Tis 25 Mars 2014

    A different implementation fo CouchDB event store.

  3. Salt vs. Ansible

    Mån 17 Mars 2014

    A highly opinionated comparison between Salt and Ansible.

  4. Why the Web is so Slow

    Mån 02 December 2013

    Why is the web so slow?

  5. New PGP key

    Mån 18 November 2013

    I have a new PGP key.

  6. I'm a State Engineer. Are you, too?

    Mån 18 November 2013

    "Lifecycle" and "state" are two words not used often enough.

  7. GIT mirroring using Jenkins

    Ons 04 September 2013

    Using a small hack, you can reuse your local Jenkins installation for faster git fetches, as well as a fallback if Github goes down.

  8. Bootstrapping: CouchDB as event store

    Mån 02 September 2013

    Bootstrapping a project that uses event sourcing? Have a look at CouchDB.

  9. Java's missing optional keyword and the issues of null

    Tor 22 Augusti 2013

    One of my pet peaves when it comes to the Java programming languages [1] is that it does not do enough type safety. The issue is, simply, that programmers tend to believe that Java infers more safety than it actually does. The biggest reason for this can be summarized in ...

  10. Writing a server in Python

    Ons 21 Augusti 2013

    One of the questions that might hit you is why would you ever write a server in Python?. I've heard many people being raising their concerns when it comes to Python. The biggest ones are obviously concurrency and the GIL.

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