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Posted Sön 19 Maj 2013

Bootstrapping software projects

This post is partially related to my previous blog post about Rewind and GoRewind.

Even though I've been working as a full-time developer for the past 4-5 years, it still hits me how much boiler plate is required to create a proper software project. In fact, I've seen so many times how extra functionality is bundled into applications just because the alternative would require many hours of setting things up. This despite the fact that functionality is orthogonal and has totally different life cycles.

Some of the things I'm thinking about are:

[3]Maven, make, grails, you name it.

Open Source projects also involves building a community; mailing lists, contribution processes etc.

It takes time to set things up. And it's surprising that we, the Software Community haven't come further with some of these obstacles.

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